Generally speaking there are three kinds of barcode engines about barcode scanners, one is laser type, CCD type, and CMOS type.

Laser scanner :
The feature of laser scanner is it emits res laser to scan barcode, there are three scanning methods about laser scanner: single-line scanning, raster scanning and full-angle scanning. The advantages of laser scanners are high accuracy and speed, but the disadvantage is that the reading angle is strict, and only one-dimensional barcodes. The laser modules are easy to be damaged due to impact, and easy to aging.

CCD Scanner :
The imaging technology of CCD scanner engines are analogic like classic camera.
CCD barcode scanner which has powerful scan engine makes the reading performance similar to more expensive laser barcode scanners.

CMOS Scanner :
CMOS-based scanning products basically are digital cameras that capture rectangular digital images to decode. They need enough environment light and certain distances to get clear image. CMOS engine size can be very small and usually CMOS scanners are cheaper than laser scanners.

By operation barcode scanners can be divided into handheld, portable and fix type.

Hand held and portable laser scanners are mostly single-line scanners, which have a large depth of field, are not limited by the length of the device opening, and can scan barcodes that are larger than the size of the device. The price is cheaper than the fixed type.

Fixed type barocode scan angle requirements are usually less strict, due to people took the initiative to take items to scan. It also can be set to scan flowing items in high speed delivery.