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Our Service

Barcode Scanner Circuit-Design

Circuit Design
for barcode scanner

Barcode Scanner Mechanism Design

for barcode reader

Decoder Design
for barcode scanner

Mass Design
for barcode reader

Our Delivery

Barcode Scanner shipped by Various Express

Various Express

Barcode Scanner by EMS

EMS Express

Air Cargo

Barcode Reader by Ocean Freight

Sea Freight

2~3 weeks after receipt of order payment ( hot season may be longer )


Our Barcode Scanners

Passport Reader

Passport Reader

iOS/Android scanner

Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

UV Barcode Scanner

UV Barcode Scanner

QR Scanner

QR Scanner

Payment Scanner

Payment Scanner

POS barcode scanner

POS Barcode Scanner

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CANMAX Barcode Scanner Output Quality Control

Both 100% test for each work station and finished barcode scanners in process.


PCBA Test Tool to make sure the function of our barcode scanners