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Hardware prototype design


Technical support


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CANMAX has more than 23 years of experience in OEM, ODM and services in barcode scanning related industries.

Whether it is for the preliminary technical support or the demand for mass production after the completion of the development, we can provide professional assistance at any stage of the project.

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According to your project, you can consult with our OEM professional team. The professional services provided by our design team are as follows:

► Electronic circuit design

► Product appearance design

► Mechanical structure design

After the proposal and specifications are confirmed, the next stage of hardware prototype design will be carried out. We will provide samples for you to evaluate in order to test hardware functions and confirm all configurations.

Our production team provides efficient and flexible manufacturing services to meet customer needs. Since 2004, we have introduced and implemented the ISO-9001 quality control process to make the entire production process and quality more trustworthy.

Our biggest advantage comes from the professional technical support team. CANMAX provides warranty service to ensure that the entire OEM process is carried out with the highest quality.

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