CANMAX barcode scanner solutions lead the market in reliability, durability, and functionality. Our products are found in a wide variety of industries and possess specifications and features. In addition to comprehensive standard barcode solutions, we can tailor our scanner design structure with value-added firmware/settings to fit the particular needs of different customers.


CANMAX offers our elegantly designed scanners. In addition, we can also make your own design realized by changing the scanners’ interior structure and by changing the electronic layout. Customized logo, label are available to make. For medical applications, customer may need anti-bacterial housing. For these customized issues, our customers can just prepay the customized material charge in advance, so our customers can place an order without MOQ, we will be responsible for material management.

Software / Settings / Firmware

Our products have various settings for different application, we can change each parameter before shipping for your particular needs, and we can also make such changes as your own default. If you have any special barcode which is hard to be read, you are welcome to send us some barcode samples, we will fine-tune the firmware for you and program a particular kernel for you. You will be watching a test video on internet, if you are satisfied in the test result, you can decide to purchase a sample for test at your side.

CANMAX supplies the highest quality and most versatile barcode solutions on the market.  For more details regarding all our options and services, please contact our sales representatives.

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