Bluetooth barcode reader


– Three-in-one function, Class I Bluetooth, 4 MB memory, cable mode.

– Date and output data format

– Ergonomic and lightweight for daily use

– iOS, Android support (SPP, HID)

– Support mass storage, vibration mode.

– In Bluetooth mode, it can be programmed as a master device or a slave device to establish a connection between PC, mobile phone or tablet.


CM-520 is a multi-functional Bluetooth serial reader. Use Class I Bluetooth, cable mode and storage mode to transmit and store scanned serial data.



Support iOS
CM-520 supports iOS applications via Bluetooth USB-HID interface.
Small trigger can activate or hide the iOS keyboard.

Support Android OS
CM-520W is used with Android OS through SPP or HID communication profile.

Volume Hole
You can change the volume by setting its parameters, or switch to silent mode.

Support A-302 & A-303 Dongle
We can pair the scanner with the dongle before shipping, so you only need to plug the dongle into your PC or laptop when you receive it.