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  • barcode scanner module

    1D advanced barcode scanner module


    – Slim size〔24 mm(W)x 12 mm(L)x 7 mm(H)〕

    – Real-time Decoder

    Flash …

  • barcode scanner module

    1D barcode scanner module


    – Slim size〔25.6 mm(W)x 24.0 mm(L)x 13.2 mm(H)〕

    – Real-time Decoder

    – Ideal for …

  • barcode scanner module

    barcode scanner module


    – Compact size for embedding〔22.3 mm(W) x 23.7 mm(L) x 12.3 mm(H)〕

    – Super fast real-time decoder

    – Superior, long-range scanning for different application

    – Super low power consumption under standby

    – Multi-interface supported. USB, TTL, RS232

    – Command Mode Supported

  • Bluetooth barcode scanner

    Bluetooth barcode reader


    – Three-in-one function, Class I Bluetooth, 4 MB memory, cable mode.

    – Date and output data format

    – Ergonomic and lightweight for daily use

    – iOS, Android support (SPP, HID)

    – Support mass storage, vibration mode.

    – In Bluetooth mode, it can be programmed as a master device or a slave device to establish a connection between …

  • Fixed mount barcode scanner

    Flatbed bar code scanner


    – Scan speed : 250 scan/sec

    – Compact size to save working space

    – Optional stand

    – Supports GS1 DataBar

    – Presentation mode supported ( programmable )

    – Flash memory-facilitates updates

    – Fast real-time decoder

  • Hand-held barcode scanner

    Slim 1D barcode scanner

    CM-890 Slim 1D barcode scanner

    – Optional Bank Note Authentication Function. ( Patent reserved)

    – Easily software update & configuration setting

    – Accurate barcode reading distance from contact to 80mm.

    – The sleek and lightweight design is in an easy-to-use hand-held ergonomic form factor.

    – Low power consumption

  • Data collector

    Wireless barcode reader


    – Compact size for easy carry on

    – Memory Mode and Cable Mode supported

    – Built-in memory stores 32,752 pcs of barcodes

    – Real-time clock

    – Low power consumption, 3000 times of scan available for fully charged battery

    – Optional Bluetooth function