2D barcode scanner


– Reads Both 1D and 2D barcodes

– Sleek, Favorable and Easy to grip

– Rugged design, with well durability

– High scanning performance

– Reads the barcodes on Mobile phone screen

– Optional UV light

– Optional stand for hands free application


Specification : CM-2D202_Spec.pdf (598 downloads)

Manual : CM-2D202_User_manual.pdf (269 downloads)


Reads the barcodes on mobile phone screen

Supports mobile phone screen reading

Button Press Durability

The well-designed button can be pressed up to 1 million times

Optional UV Light
Optional UV LED for transparent barcode reading
Drop Durability
The rubber material can resist shock from 1m drop onto the concrete surface

Please feel free to contact us for any question about CM-2D202 2D barcode scanner.

ABout RS232 DC JACK Information

Customers who use CANMAX barcode scanner by RS232 interface and need external power supply, please make sure the adapters you buy meet the below information.

  1. Work Power: 5V/1A
  2. Connector type: DC5521 Male
  3. Diamter: Outer diameter 8 +/- 0.05,  Inner diameter 5.6 +0.1-0
  4. Polarity symbols: Inside positive / Outside negative

Inside + / Outside -


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