SWAN barcode scanner


– Reads 1D & 2D barcode

– Supports optional MRZ Code, OCR-A, OCR-B reading ( Reads Passport and Check )

– High scan performance.

– Adjustable scanning angle

– Exquisite design


Specification : CM-2D700AC_Spec.pdf (171 downloads)

Manual : CM-2D700-User-Manual.pdf (137 downloads)


Different from traditional passport reader, SWAN features at compact sizes, light-weight, and elegant design. Adjustable scanning angle that is suitable to be located anywhere for application.

It’s specially designed for hotel and duty-free shops where foreign visitors can get an easy solution. SWAN is not only for passport MRZ code reading but also for OCR-A, OCR-B and general 1D/2D barcode reading.


Adjustable scanning angle

Adjustable scanning angle for easy-aiming

Reads both 1D&2D barcodes

Supports most types of Barcode format

Optional pedestal
With stand build in to support hands-free