One of the core principles of CANMAX’s business model is customer service. Every barcode scanner we produce, from design to production, quality control, and beyond is based on an idea of optimizing the customer experience and their products.  There are a number of barcode scanner solutions on the market and customer applications will favor some over others. In order to fulfill the ever-broadening needs of diverse industries, CANMAX will begin offering customers the solution of soft decision decoding. Starting from Q4 of 2019, we will officially release our soft decision decoding technology to complement our existing line of excellent barcode solutions.

The interface of most of soft decision decoders is RS-232. Users may need to fine-tune the parameters of camera and program the parameters in terminal’s OS. It takes usually 6-12 months. Our interface is USB-COM. All parameters are well tuned and programmed in the CPU of USB. Users can experience its excellent performance without any further tuning or installation.

A demo software will be provided when you need to test the sample. Then we will provide customers the SDK for developing customer’s own APP. This solution supports Windows, Android, iOS and Linux.

For detailed information regarding which barcode scanner solution is right for you, please contact our sales representatives.

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