Since we have started to promote our passport and barcode scanner, Swan ( CM-2D700) this year, Swan was spread in Taiwan & Asia market soon. Today, we received a lot of positive feedback from end-users. Swan saves the operation time at front desk in hotels and duty-free shops, there is no more travelers staying in a long queue and waiting for checkout. The profile on passport can be registered immediately just by one scan, no paperwork required.

In addition, comparing with traditional passport scanner ( box type, ) Swan saves a lot of working space by its elegant and slim design. The cost of Swan is much less than a box type passport scanner. The most important of all, in addition to passport, Swan can also read 1D and 2D barcodes. It is an ideal scanner for duty-free shops. The shop owners do not need to prepare 2 scanners ( passport scanner + general barcode scanner ) anymore. Swan is the best solution.

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