Most people will see handheld, mobile and fixed barcode scanners, but there are still “hidden” barcode readers in our daily life.

The barcode scanning module is usually built on a self-service machine, such as a self-service advertising machine, self-service check-in, vending machine, information kiosk, etc. This type of barcode scanner is hidden in the reader module in the embedded barcode self-service device.

In the past, because of the low price, most customers often used one-dimensional barcode scanner modules.

With the advent of smart phones and the development of mobile payments, many people now use mobile phone applications to scan two-dimensional bar codes for transaction payments. The factory responded to this and produced white supplements that are less harmful to the human eye. Optical barcode scanner module. . Now, 2D barcode scanner modules are becoming more and more popular in the market.

In addition, the barcode scanning module is not only suitable for self-service machines, but also for medical, logistics, factory automation, automatic driving systems and other fields.

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