The barcode type is disabled

To prevent mis-scan, CANMAX will not enable all type of barcode as scanners’ default. As our experience, the more types of barcode are enabled, the higher risk of mis-scan we will have. Therefore, you can check if the type of the barcode which you intend to scan is not enabled.

The barcode is mal-printed

The barcode ratio does not meet the standard : Let’s take an example of 1D barcodes. The thickness ratio of each black bar and white bar is regulated. If the barcode is not printed precisely, it can still be read in most of time. But if two black bars are feathering and they touch each other, then it might not be read — see below diagram.

We notice that most of barcode scanner supplier use “Fuzzy Scanning” technology on their decoder. “Fuzzy Scanning” makes the scanners read and decode the mal-printed barcodes. However, if the parameter of Fuzzy Scanning is over-enlarged, the scanner might get wrong data from the barcode ( mis-scan / mis-decode. ) If the parameter of Fuzzy Scanning is over-narrowed, the scanner does not read most of barcode. Therefore, it depends very much on suppliers’ experience and knowhow for a good scanner to decode the barcodes and avoid mistake.

The barcode is etched on metal

As the metal causes reflection which may affect sensor working, usually users will need a particular sensor for this kind of case. Parts of CANMAX’s products support the barcodes etched on metal. You are welcome to send us the barcode sample for test.

However, if your barcode is made on a metel by dot matrix machine, such as below diagram, currently we do not have any product to support it.

The barcode resolution is too high

The size of both barcodes are similiar, but the left one has very high resolution which includes much more data, so it is printed concentratively. In this case, we will fine-tune the firmware to find a best parameter value for you.

The PCS ( Print Contrast Signal ) is too low

In above photo, we can find the contrast between printed barcode and background is too close, users must enlarge the contrast between the barcode and background.

Besides, the contrast between yellow barcode and red background is also close, we have to avoid the similar colors as well.