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1D bluetooth Scanner

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Model No. : CM-201M | CM-201W1 | CM-201LM | CM-201LW1

Type :  CMOS | Laser 

Wireless : BLE  ( Bluetooth Lower energy ) 

Color : Apple White

Flash Memory : 8MB

Battery : 420mHz 

              ( Rechargeable Li-polymer ,3.7V )


CM-201 series

Pocket Barcode Reader 


The CM-201 Pocket Barcode Reader has two series available: the W1 and M series. Both series offer two types of barcode reader options: CMOS and Laser.


The W1 series provides three operation modes: cabled mode, memory mode, and Bluetooth mode. On the other hand, the M series only supports two operation modes: cabled mode and memory mode.


The Pocket barcode reader is small and lightweight, making it easy to carry around and use on the go. It is also highly accurate, with the ability to read barcodes even in low light or difficult conditions. The scanner is simple to operate, with just a few buttons to control the scanning, Bluetooth connectivity and data stored."

The CM-201 Pocket Barcode Reader is a versatile and adaptable device that offers different options to suit various needs. The different operation modes allow for different levels of connectivity and convenience, making it a useful tool in a variety of situations.

3 in 1 Function

​一機三用​ | 省錢方案

 Money saving solution -

3 in 1 function.png
Bluetooth Mode
Memory Mode
Cabled Mode

Cabled Mode


The cabled mode is ideal for the barcode reader to connected to a computer as a wired scanner. 


In this mode, the CM-201 Pocket Barcode Reader  can communicate and send barcode data directly to the host device via USB cable.  And the interface can be programmed as USB HID or USB COM.

Memory Mode



The memory mode is useful when the device needs to be used offline, without being connected to any other device. In this mode, the barcode data is stored in the device's internal memory for later retrieval. And there is timestamp for per scan and stored barcode. By configuration can be output or not output the timestamp with the barcode. 


Bluetooth Mode

bluetooth mode_edited.png


The Bluetooth mode in the W1 series is particularly helpful when wireless connectivity is needed. It allows for wireless communication with other devices such as smartphones and tablets. This mode enables the user to transmit barcode data wirelessly to the host device, providing more freedom and flexibility in usage.



Supported Barcodes
User Flash ROM
8Mb, can save about 60Kpcs EAN13
Main Battery
Li-Polymeter , 3.7V, 420mAH
EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN/UPC add-on, Code 39, Code 32, UCC/EAN/Code 128, Industrial-25, Interleaved-25, Matrix-25, Codabar/NW7, MSI/Plessey, Code 93, GS1 databar
Size | Weight
68.7 x 37.1 x 21mm ( L x W x H ) | 150g
USB dongle.png

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