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Stable and Reliable Quality Barcode Scanner Module

CANMAX barcode scanner module

-  The best choice for 1D barcode scan module 

-  Swift and Accurate Decoding

Your Trusted Partner for Barcode Solutions

At CANMAX, we pride ourselves on being the leading experts in barcode solutions. With a focus on innovation, we design and manufacture advanced barcode scanners to meet the unique needs of your business. Regardless of your industry or scale, we provide tailored solutions to help you achieve greater operational efficiency and enhanced competitiveness.

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Ensure industry-standard barcode accuracy with our meticulous verification services.


Leverage wireless connectivity through our seamless Bluetooth integration


Experience streamlined operations with our holistic barcode solution integration.


Our optimized circuit design enhances the reliability of barcode scanning solutions.

CANMAX Core Barcode Scanning Technologies

Our dedicated team is committed to innovating barcode scanning technology, driving industry advancements. Our barcode scanners integrate cutting-edge hardware and intelligent software, delivering accurate, efficient, and reliable scanning solutions. Whether your business requires rapid and efficient barcode scanning or highly customized functionality, we can meet your needs.


We specialize in precise barcode data extraction for seamless integration into your processes.

We create user-friendly Android apps that enhance the capabilities of barcode solutions.

Ensuring Precise Quality Control and Manufacturing Excellence

Our commitment to delivering top-notch barcode solutions extends to every stage of our production process. We prioritize meticulous quality control measures and follow rigorous manufacturing protocols to ensure that every product meets the highest standards. Our focus on precision and manufacturing excellence underscores our dedication to providing you with reliable and high-performance barcode solutions.

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The CM-003 CCD barcode scanner module has been in continuous production for over 8 years, demonstrating consistent stability and durability. Its proven track record of reliability attests to its robust design and long-term viability in the market.

Despite its advanced scanning capabilities, the CM-003 CCD barcode scanner module packs powerful scanning technology into a remarkably small form factor, allowing for seamless integration into even the most space-constrained applications.

The CM-003 is allowed to be installed into your device by FFC connector as below with the smallest size : 

CM-003 細節圖 2_edited.jpg

Or can choose to work with its' demo board with RS232 or USB cable connect to your terminal : 

CM-003 細節圖3.jpg

The CM-003 CCD barcode scanner module has been designed with a highly compact FFC connector, which necessitates the use of a demo board and interface cable for easy connection to a PC. The demo board simplifies the testing and integration process, allowing users to easily evaluate the performance of the scanner module and ensure that it meets their needs for accuracy, speed, and reliability.

CM-003 + demo board 
CM-003 with demo board .jpg

on Customer Sides Barcode Scan Substrates


CM-003 spec. .png
CM-003-4-Barcode scanner module.png

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