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Bluetooth Barcode Verifier and
Print Quality Inspection Solutions


Your Trusted Partner for Barcode Verification

At CANMAX, we pride ourselves to provide our barcode verification solutions for you. With a focus on innovation, we design and manufacture advanced barcode verifier to meet the unique needs of your business. Regardless of your industry or scale, we provide tailored solutions to help you achieve greater operational efficiency and enhanced competitiveness. Our barcode verifier CM-BA100 is affordable, functional, and cost-effective. It also supports BLE Bluetooth transmission, which allows you to connect it to your Android phone and view the barcode quality analysis report through our Android APP. In addition, we also accept customized functions to match your factory's barcode verification requirements.

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The importance of barcode verification

Barcode verification

Why choose CANMAX's barcode verifier

Barcode verifiers serve as specialized tools manufactured in accordance with international standards, such as ISO/IEC, designed to assess and evaluate the quality of barcodes, assigning corresponding rating levels. Their primary function is to ensure that barcodes can be accurately read and scanned by barcode scanners, thus preventing potential losses and compensation issues arising from unreadable barcodes.


A 1D barcode verifier is capable of measuring various features of the barcode, including contrast, edge sharpness, the ratio between black and white bars, and printing defects. It provides evaluations based on standards like ISO/IEC, offering grading levels and detailed inspection reports. Different industries and applications, such as healthcare, retail, logistics, and manufacturing, have unique requirements for barcode quality. The use of barcode verifiers is crucial to meet these requirements, enhancing barcode reliability and efficiency to ensure accurate interpretation in various applications.

feature of barcode verifier

Feature of Barcode Verifier

The CM-BA100 Barcode Professor supports international standards ISO/IEC15416:2000 and ISO/IEC15416:2016 for verifying the quality of 1D barcodes.

ISO/IEC15416:2000 is an international standard that specifies the parameters and methods for measuring and grading the quality of 1D barcodes. It includes parameters such as print contrast signal (PCS), modulation, and defects to ensure the barcode is readable and scannable.

ISO/IEC15416:2016 is an updated version of the standard that includes new parameters for grading 1D barcodes, such as edge contrast and decoding characteristics. The updated standard helps ensure that 1D barcodes are  high quality and can be scanned accurately.

By supporting these international standards, the CM-BA100 Barcode Professor can help ensure the 1D barcodes are of high quality and meet the requirements of various industries, such as retail, manufacturing, and logistics.

Android APP for bluetooth barcode verifier

The CM-BA100 Barcode Professor supports Bluetooth connectivity using Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0, making it easy to connect to mobile devices and the CANMAX proprietary Android app. The app's ability to provide real-time feedback on barcode quality using metrics such as print contrast signal (PCS), minimum reflectance ratio (MRR), and modulation is a valuable feature for ensuring barcode quality.

The graphical and text analysis report provided by the app can be useful for further analysis and troubleshooting, allowing users to quickly identify and correct any issues with barcode quality.

There is an  optional USB dongle A306-C for plug-and-play connection to a PC via Bluetooth that provides flexibility in how the device is used and integrated into a workflow.

Overall, the CM-BA100 Barcode Professor appears to be a versatile and reliable option for verifying the quality of 1D barcodes using Bluetooth connectivity and an Android app, with the option for plug-and-play connection to a PC. It's important to ensure that the device and its associated software meet your specific requirements before making a purchase.

barcode professor

The CM-BA100 Barcode Professor is a versatile and reliable option for verifying the quality of 1D barcodes using Bluetooth connectivity and an Android app, with the option for plug-and-play connection to a PC. It's important to ensure that the device and its associated software meet your specific requirements before making a purchase.

barcode verifier user manual

The CM-BA100 Barcode Professor - the ultimate barcode verification solution for factories and suppliers. This device is designed for those who need to print barcodes on products and ship them worldwide, or for those who receive products with barcode printing and need to ensure their quality.

Barcode quality verification is essential to avoid potential fines caused by poor or incorrect printing, and the CM-BA100 makes the verification process easy and efficient. It provides an accurate and reliable way to verify barcode quality and meets ISO/IEC and GS1 standards for barcode verification.

Our barcode verifier uses advanced technology to analyze barcode quality, ensuring that every barcode is up to industry standards. It grades, inspects, and tests every barcode to guarantee that it is scannable and easily readable.

If you're searching for a reliable barcode verification device for barcode quality control or barcode scanner calibration, please try CM-BA100 to benefit your business right now !

How to Configure the Barcode Verifier

Thre are 3 ways to configure the CANMAX Barcode Professor

How to print the analysis report 

1) To print by Sunmi V2s POS terminal 

how to print the barcode analysis report
barcode analysis report

2) To print via intranet Wi-Fi by smart phone connection


Computex Taipei 2023

At the Computex Taipei 2023 exhibition, The Barcode Professor was the most inquired-about product. Visitors found it extremely convenient that the product could run on Android-based apps. The overall pricing was also significantly more favorable compared to the market prices, leading many to request to become agents for the product.


barcode professor
specification of barcode verifier

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