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Fixed Mount 2D BarcodeScanner

allows for simple integration into a range of environments


CANMAX Core Technologies

CANMAX Core technologies.jpg

As a dedicated barcode scanner maker, CANMAX specializes in designing and producing state-of-the-art barcode scanning solutions. Our core technologies encompass circuit and mechanism design, advanced barcode decoding, Bluetooth firmware, Android app development, and barcode quality verification. With these key capabilities, we deliver reliable and innovative barcode scanners that cater to diverse industries and applications. At CANMAX, we take pride in providing cutting-edge and high-quality barcode scanning solutions.

Quality you can see, performance you can trust

At CANMAX, Our rigorous testing process ensures that each bluetooth barcode scanner meets the highest standards.

We use the latest available test tools and machines to  check materials, semi-finished parts and finished bluetooth barcode scanners to deliver the reliability and peace of mind that our customers deserve.


Suitable Applications

Barcode Scanner for supermarket-CANMAX
Supermarket checkout 

The fixed mount scanner is an ideal scanning solution for supermarkets and convenience stores. Its compact size makes it easy to integrate into self-service kiosks or POS systems, allowing for seamless barcode scanning of products.

Barcode Scanner into vending machine-CANMAX
Vending machine payment system

The CM-2D305 fixed mount 2D scanner is not only suitable for supermarket and convenience store applications but also proves to be an excellent choice for vending machines in payment systems. Serving as an indispensable component in any efficient vending machine payment system, this fixed mount scanner utilizes cutting-edge technology to seamlessly scan barcodes from smartphones, enhancing the overall payment experience for customers.

In addition, for payment applications in vending machines, we offer firmware modifications for the barcode scanner to align with the specific requirements of different countries or regions' payment systems. This customization option allows for tailored solutions. Feel free to contact us with detailed requirements to explore how we can meet your specific needs.

Parking checkout system-CANMAX
Parking checkout system 

With the ability to scan a wide range of 2D barcodes, including QR codes and Datamatrix codes, the 2D Fixed Mount Scanner is a valuable investment for businesses in the parking industry. Whether you operate a supermarket parking lot, a public parking garage, or any other type of parking facility, this scanner is an essential tool for providing your customers with a seamless and hassle-free checkout and payment experience.

How to fix the scanner into your system

How to fix a 2D barcode scanner - CANMAX

The Fixed Barcode Scanner comes with four brass screw holes on the bottom for easy fixing onto working tables or devices. Each scanner comes complete with M3 x 6 screws, making installation a breeze.

If you want to install the scanner onto a table while hiding its cable, simply refer to the photo on the above. Insert the cable and thread it through the hole in the table, effectively concealing it.

Optional Heavy Metal Stand for Secure and Stable Mounting

Heavy Metal Stand for Fixed Mount Scanner-CANMAX

The Fixed Mount Scanner is available with an optional heavy metal stand for those looking to add extra stability and security to their scanning setup. The stand features a durable construction that provides a solid base for the scanner, ensuring it stays firmly in place during use. Additionally, the stand includes two holes on the base, allowing for screws to be used when necessary for even more secure mounting.


CM-2D305 spec.jpg


1. How to configure the Fixed mount scanner
- CANMAX offer a barcode setting user manual for most users and software for CANMAX distributors or the demand to configure multiple scanners.  Beside, for project base, CANMAX also offer command for programmer to control the scanner from user's terminal. 

2. Can the Fixed mount scanner read GS1 barcode for healthcare application ?
- Yes, our Fixed Mount Scanner can read the  healthcare GS1 barcodes.  All of our 2D barcode scanners follow the standard of GS1 which you can refer it's spefication from the
GS1 website by click the link :  : 
3. Are the fixed mount scanner compatible with the Zebra DS457 fixed mount scanner's  connection with Windows OS?

-Yes, our fixed mount scanner is compatible with the Windows built-in  driver, making it a suitable replacement for the Zebra ds457 fixed mount scanners.  

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Demo of Fixed mount scanner

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