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SWAN Passport Barcode Scanner

IDs &  Passport Scanner
            - Elevating Efficiency in Passport and Barcode Scanning

Discover the efficiency of the SWAN IDs & Passport Scanner from CANMAX. Designed to handle both MRZ codes from passports and product barcodes, our scanner streamlines your operations by offering seamless scanning capabilities.

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Empowering Efficient Operations with CANMAX's Expertise

28 Years of Excellence in Barcode Scanning. From research and development to manufacturing, sales, and seamless service integration, CANMAX stands at the forefront of barcode scanning technology. As an all-in-one enterprise, we proudly offer the most competitive prices while maintaining an unwavering commitment to exceptional quality. Our dedication is complemented by expert technical support, ensuring an enhanced customer experience.

Ensuring Precise Quality Control and Manufacturing Excellence

Our commitment to delivering top-notch barcode solutions extends to every stage of our production process. We prioritize meticulous quality control measures and follow rigorous manufacturing protocols to ensure that every product meets the highest standards. Our focus on precision and manufacturing excellence underscores our dedication to providing you with reliable and high-performance barcode solutions.

 Adjustable scan head

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The IDs and  passport reader features an adjustable scan head that allows users to tilt the scanner up to 35°, making it ideal for targeted scanning of larger products.

The best choice for IDs and passport reader
CANMAX IDs and passport reader

- Scan passport MRZ code

- Can read 1D/2D/GS1 data bar / PDF417 barcode 

- Adjustable scanning head

-Support Chinese & Japanese output 

-Cost-saving benefits :  one scanner but can scan passport , 1D/2D barcode and photo taking.  

- Multi-function but small size to save your front desk space. 

-Image capturing

Model No. CM-2D700AC

Supports Chinese/Japanease output

​支援中文/ 日文輸出


The SWAN IDs and Passport Reader supports Big5, UTF-8, and non-UTF-8 codes. If a QR code includes Chinese and Japanese characters, our SWAN can read and output them without any issues. There is no need to install any additional software to handle these characters. 



Size | Weight
69.8 (L) x 46.2(W) x 27.9(H) mm | 215g
Ambient light
0  to 100,000 lux ( total darkness to bright sunlight )
844 x 640 pixels global shutter
Scan rate 
60 frames per second
Supported Barcodes
1D : Codabar, Code 11, Code 128, Code 2 of 5, Code 39, Code 93 and 93i, EAN/JAN-13, EAN/JAN8, IATA code 2 of 5, Interleaved 2 of 5, Matrix 2 of 5, MSI, GS1 Databar, UPC-A, UPC E, UPC-A/EAN-13 with Extended coupon Code, Coupon GS1 Code 32 ( PARAF ), EAN-UCC Emulation

2D Stacked : Codablock A, Codablock F, PDF417, MicroPDF417, 2D Matrix : Aztec Code, Data Matrix, MaxiCode, QR Code, Chinese Sensible ( Han Xin ) Code

Postal Codes : Australian Post, British Post, Canadian Post, China Post, Japanese Post, Korea Post, Netherlands Post, Planet Code, Postnet, Dot code,MRZ code, OCR-A, OCR-B

up to 0.3

Discover the features of our IDs and  passport reader



 1. How to configure the SWAN IDs and passport reader
- CANMAX SWAN IDs and passport readers come with a user manual for users, software for CANMAX distributors or to combine multiple readers.  CANMAX also provides commands to enable a programmer to control the readers from a user's terminal.    

2. Can your SWAN IDs and passport reader scan GS1 barcode for healthcare application ?
- Yes, all of our SWAN IDs and passport readers follow the standard of GS1 which you can reference on the GS1  website : 
3. Are the IDs and  passport reader compatible with the Zebra DS457 fixed mount scanner's  connection with Windows OS?

-Yes, our IDs and  passport reader is compatible with the Windows built-in  driver, making it a suitable replacement for the Zebra ds457 fixed mount scanners.  

4. Can your IDs and  passport reader connect to iPhone and iPad? 
- Our way to connect with iPhone and iPad is via bluetooth technologies by HID interface without any additional driver needs.  The default specification of our IDs and passport reader is without bluetooth.   If you want to connect to iPhone and iPad, please contact us for the SWAN with bluetooth connection.   


1. Coupons and lottery

2. Point of sale checkout for tax-refund or tax-free

3. Airline check-in

4. Hotel check-in

5. Age verification   

6. Banking                                   

Inquiry Now for SWAN

Upgrade to our SWAN passport reader today and enjoy the convenience and cost-saving benefits of a scanner that offers three different modes of operation in one device.

We'll answer you as soon as possible ~

Our IDs and passport reader in shops

Scan with IDs and  passport reader

Our IDs and  passport reader is a fixed type device with a small yet stable base. So it's easy to integrate into space-constrained work place. 


It is also an ideal POS barcode scanner for tax-free or tax-refund shops, allowing for quick and easy scanning of 1D product barcodes and QR codes from smartphones for payment. In addition, it can scan the MRZ code from passports and ID cards to retrieve buyer data, saving valuable time that would otherwise be spent on manually recording buyer information.

 How to configure our SWAN passport  reader

the configuring way of CANMAX bluetooth barcode scanner

 Configuring our IDs and  passport reader is easy with CANMAX. Choose from three methods: user manual, CANMAX software for multiple devices, or command for greater control.                                       

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