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PS2 Barcode Scanner

The PS2 barcode scanner, which is a device can save your old POS system. 

Save Your Old POS with a PS2 Barcode Scanner

Do you have an old POS  that still uses a PS2 port? Are you tired of looking for a compatible barcode scanner that can work with your outdated system? Don't worry, we have the perfect solution for you: the CM-700 PS2 barcode scanner!


The CM-700 PS2 barcode scanner is a high-performance device that can scan 1D barcodes with ease and accuracy. It has a durable and ergonomic design, and a plug-and-play installation. It can connect to any POS that has a PS2 port.


With the CM-700 PS2 barcode scanner, you can save your old POS  from becoming obsolete, and enjoy the benefits of fast and reliable barcode scanning. You don't need to spend money on upgrading your system or buying a new barcode scanner. The CM-700 PS2 barcode scanner is the best choice for your old POS machine!



Scan from screen


Support USB


Easy to change cable


Support PS2


CM-700 spec.jpg

Read barcode

Demo how the CM-700 CCD barcode scanner to read the barcode from smart phone

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