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2D gun type Barcode Scanner | UV barcode scanner | QR gun type scanner | smart phone QR scanner

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Model No. : CM-2D202 | CM-2D203C

Type :  2D imanger scanner

Interface : USB HID | USB COM | RS232

Color : Apple white | Black 

There is an optional UV function on CM-2D202 and CM-2D203.  It's allowed to read the UV barcode.   

 UV Barcode Reading 

Optional Function 


The reading performance is good if the UV ink is with clear UV effect ( see above brightness barcode ).  And it will be poor if the UV ink is very light ) 


And the readable resolution is about 4mil.   But if the barcode is DM ( Data Matrix , it's a kind of " dot barcode " ) and some of its dots are gathered by one big dots, the reading result may be failure. 


The UV barcode be an  invisible barcode is a good solution for some security which is not easy to be

copy or seen by normal way.  But the technology for how to print a good UV barcode is a know-how.  Then how to have the barcode scanner to read such UV barcode is also a know-how. 

image 3.jpg

Above is good  printing quality  UV  barcode , Data Matrix & QR code. It will have the CM-2D202 / CM-2D203 to read easily. 

DM0000 (1).jpg

Above is poor printing UV  barcode , Data Matrix .  This barcode almost can not be seen when the UV light of barcode scanner is ON.  So it's difficult to read or can not read it.  Therefore, please be careful for the

UV barcode printing quality. 

good UV barcode.jpg

Above is 2 good printing quality UV barcode which are easy to read .


CM-890 spec. .jpg

Read UV barcode

Demo the CM-2D202 to read the UV barcode

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