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QR code scanner module

​QR code Scanner Module

a compact 2D imager featuring Honeywell decoding and imaging technology

Your Trusted Partner for Barcode Solutions

At CANMAX, we pride ourselves on being the leading experts in barcode solutions. With a focus on innovation, we design and manufacture advanced barcode scanners to meet the unique needs of your business. Regardless of your industry or scale, we provide tailored solutions to help you achieve greater operational efficiency and enhanced competitiveness.

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CANMAX Core Barcode Scanning Technologies

Our dedicated team is committed to innovating barcode scanning technology, driving industry advancements. Our barcode scanners integrate cutting-edge hardware and intelligent software, delivering accurate, efficient, and reliable scanning solutions. Whether your business requires rapid and efficient barcode scanning or highly customized functionality, we can meet your needs.


Barcode Decoding

We specialize in precise barcode data extraction for seamless integration into your processes.


Android APP Design

We create user-friendly Android apps that enhance the capabilities of barcode solutions.


Barcode Verification

Ensure industry-standard barcode accuracy with our meticulous verification services.


Bluetooth Technology

Leverage wireless connectivity through our seamless Bluetooth integration


System Integration

Experience streamlined operations with our holistic barcode solution integration.


Circuit Design

Our optimized circuit design enhances the reliability of barcode scanning solutions.

Ensuring Precise Quality Control and Manufacturing Excellence

Our commitment to delivering top-notch barcode solutions extends to every stage of our production process. We prioritize meticulous quality control measures and follow rigorous manufacturing protocols to ensure that every product meets the highest standards. Our focus on precision and manufacturing excellence underscores our dedication to providing you with reliable and high-performance barcode solutions.

Embedded QR Code Scanning Module for Efficiency

QR code Scanning Module

Introducing Canmax Technology's CM-2D002, the embedded QR code scanning module designed for seamless integration into diverse applications. This compact 2D imager incorporates Honeywell decoding and imaging technology, offering optimal performance while balancing size, efficiency, and ease of integration. Supporting a range of symbologies, including 1D, 2D, and PDF417 barcodes, it excels in reading poorly-printed codes and scans directly from smartphone screens—making it ideal for applications such as mobile coupons, loyalty cards, ticketing, and barcode payments. With advanced image recognition algorithms, this versatile module ensures accuracy and speed in decoding both 1D and 2D barcodes. It supports RS232 TTL and USB HID interfaces, providing compatibility with various platforms. 



Customize output data formats using Honeywell's decoding technology


Compact Size : 

25.6 x 24x 13.2 mm 


Interface Connector :

USB, RS232 DSUB 9Pin, 18pin FFC 


Interface :


Applications of Our Embedded QR Code Scanner Module

Applications of CANMAX embedded QR code scanner module

In the realm of cutting-edge technology, our embedded QR code scanner module has found its niche in various industries. Renowned for its compact and lightweight design, versatile support for USB and virtual COM (UART interface), and customizable barcode data output formats, our scanner module has become the preferred choice for integration by system integrators and design houses.

This advanced technology has seamlessly made its way into essential applications such as hospital billing kiosks, parking payment machines, vending machines, price-check kiosks in supermarkets, and custom wireless barcode scanners. The module's stability and reliability, boasting a remarkable defect rate below 0.1% and a flawless reading rate of over a million scans, have garnered widespread acclaim from users.

Experience the future of barcode scanning technology with our embedded QR code scanner module – where innovation meets reliability.

Versatile Interface Support for the QR Code Scanner Module

interface support for CANMAX QR code scanner module

Introducing our QR code scanner with versatile interface options, featuring standard support for USB HID, USB COM, and RS232 TTL. For customers with specific requirements for UART interface, we welcome direct inquiries for tailored solutions. Additionally, we specialize in customizing interfaces for automotive applications, including CAN BOX interface. If you opt for the CAN BOX interface customization, kindly provide us with the communication definitions for your CAN BOX pins. Your unique needs, our tailored solutions. Contact us to explore the possibilities.

pin assignment of CANMAX RS232 scanner

If your terminal have had a ready-made RS232 Dsub 9 pin connector, the CM-2D002 2D barcode scanner module also have solution for the interface connection.    And on our RS232 cable, the 9th pin is VCC +5V.   If any especial pin defincations you need, please feel free to contact with us by fill the inquiry form below. 

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