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CMOS Barcode Scanner Module

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Model No. : CM-007

Type :  CMOS | 1 D

Interface : USB HID | USB COM | RS232 TTL

Size : 24 x 12 x 7 mm 

Optional : Demo board | USB/RS232 cable


The CM-007 CMOS barcode scanner module has been in continuous production for over 8 years, demonstrating consistent stability and durability. Its proven track record of reliability attests to its robust design and long-term viability in the market.

Despite its advanced scanning capabilities, the CM-007 CMOS barcode scanner module packs powerful scanning technology into a remarkably small form factor, allowing for seamless integration into even the most space-constrained applications.

The CM-007 CMOS barcode scanner module has been designed with a highly compact FFC connector, which necessitates the use of a demo board and interface cable for easy connection to a PC. The demo board simplifies the testing and integration process, allowing users to easily evaluate the performance of the scanner module and ensure that it meets their needs for accuracy, speed, and reliability.


The CM-007 CMOS barcode scanner module is a reliable, powerful, and compact solution that is easy to integrate into any application. With its advanced scanning capabilities and proven track record of reliability, the CM-007 is an ideal choice for businesses and organizations looking for a high-quality scanning solution

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