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SWAN passport Reader

​SWAN passport Reader  | 2D fixed mounted barcode reader | POS barcode scanner | 2D MRZ barcode scanner | Passport Barcode Reader

Model No. : CM-2D700AC

Type :  imager | 2D | image capturing 

Interface : USB HID/USB COM 

Size : 69.8 x 46.2 x 27.9 mm 

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Multi-functional scanner

1. Scan 1D barcode from products
2. Scan 2D | QR  barcode from products & 
    smart phone for check-out 
3. Scan MRZ code from passport as a passport
    reader  for tax-refund, tax free shops
4. Image taking function to be instead of hard
    copy of ID card or passport if need to keep
    the copy. 
5. Can read OCR A, OCR B code 
The CM-2D700AC SWAN passport barcode reader  is a multifunctional scanner that can perform a range of tasks, saving your business time and money. With the ability to scan multiple types of barcodes and take photos of ID cards and passports, this scanner eliminates the need for multiple devices and frees up valuable workspace.
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The CM-2D700AC is a high-performance passport barcode scanner designed for using in tax-free shops. It can read a variety of codes, including 1D, 2D, MRZ, and QR codes, making it a versatile tool for scanning products 1D barcode  and QR code from smartphone for payment.

The scanner also can capture images for keeping copies of passports or ID cards which is suitable for the application of Hotel check-in system or bank exchange center. 

The CM-2D700AC passport barcode scanner supports both USB HID and USB COM interfaces and provides command support for both. This means that programmers can call either interface on one software without needing to make any settings on the scanner itself. This feature makes it easy to integrate the scanner into existing systems and applications, and it allows for greater flexibility in programming and customization. Additionally, the scanner's ability to support both interfaces ensures that it is compatible with a wide range of devices and systems.

Application software used or developed by various customers
Hotel screen.jpg
tax refund.png
Adjustable scanning head 
adjustable angle_edited.jpg

The scanning head is adjustable to have a proper scan angle for the barcodes. 

screw holes_edited.jpg

The base cover can be taken off and have screws to fix on the table or wall. 

Swan passport barcode reader in various  tax refund shops

The CM-2D700AC Swan passport barcode scanner - the all-in-one solution for your scanning needs. With the ability to scan 1D, 2D, and MRZ codes (found on passports), as well as PDF417 codes (found on ID cards and some passports), this scanner is perfect for a variety of industries, including tax refund and tax-free shops, bank exchange centers, and hotel check-in systems that require quick and efficient scanning of passport information.

But that's not all - the CM-2D700AC also includes a function for capturing photos of ID cards and passports, eliminating the need for hard copies. This scanner streamlines the scanning process, saving both time and money.

Streamline your workflow with the all-in-one scanner CM-2D700AC Swan passport barcode scanner- Get Yours Now! 




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2D passport barcode scanner

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